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Triple Shot is a card game which incorporates elements of blackjack. It can be found at casinos in Las Vegas and is similar to a game called Three Way Action. It's also similar to a family game called Tripoley. Triple Shot is played with a single 52-card deck.

The games you’ll play in Triple Shot are Casino War, Blackjack and Poker. Each game may have certain betting limits, so be sure and check before you begin play.

Triple Shot players are not required to play all three games, but they do have to play at least two of them. Wagers on each game can vary in size.

How to Play Triple Shot

To begin a game of Triple Shot, each player at the table places their bet on each game. After this is done, the dealer starts with the player on his left and deals each person one face up card. Then the dealer gives himself one face up card.

Triple Shot Casino War

The dealer looks at his own card and compares it to the face up card of the other players. Any player with a higher card than the dealer wins and is paid out at even money. In case of a tie, the payer loses half of their Casino War bet. The house edge on this phase of the game is 2.94%.

Triple Shot Blackjack

Next, each player receives a second card from the dealer. This makes up your blackjack hand. The dealer will also receive one card face down. Players must now try to build the best possible hand without going over 21. Getting a blackjack pays out at 3:2.

If you get six cards without going over 21, you automatically win. This is called a 6-Card Charlie. While you are taking cards, however, keep in mind that these cards will also be used as part of your 6-card poker hand. For that reason, it may sometimes be advantageous to lose one phase of the game in order to win another one.

The dealer will hit on a soft 17 (a 17 which contains an ace). Other rules allow the players to double down on any first two cards, but they may only split aces. If aces are split, you only get one new card per hand (no resplitting).

All of these rules bring the house edge on this portion of Triple Shot to 0.45%.

Triple Shot Poker

Next up is the 6-card Stud Poker phase. Any player who has less than 6 cards will be dealt the remainder by the dealer. For example, a player who got a blackjack would receive an additional 4 cards. The dealer will also deal himself enough cards to equal six.

The objective here is to have the best poker hand. Since it is Stud Poker, you will not be able to draw or discard. What you have is what you’ll play. The dealer compares his poker hand with each player at the table and pays out to the winners.

The house edge on this phase of Triple Shot ranges from 3.20% to 5.78%.

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Gambling online, including blackjack online for real money, is illegal in some jurisdictions, so be aware of the situation where you live before deciding to play.

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