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Free Online Blackjack

Free Blackjack Online

Free Online Blackjack

Free Online BlackjackFree online blackjack isn't hard to find. In fact, this popular game seems to be available all over the Internet, which is particularly handy for those looking to increase their skills without decreasing their bankroll. To enjoy a game of free online blackjack, just look up the term in the search engine of your choice or take a look at some of the sites we've listed below.

Free Blackjack Online

Free Blackjack OnlineFor those looking for free blackjack online, the following casinos offer flash versions of the game also known as Twenty-One. These games require no download to your computer, and you'll be enjoying free blackjack online within moments.

1. Bodoglife - This leading casino offers free blackjack online, as well as games such as baccarat, craps, American roulette, pai gow poker, European roulette, tri-card poker and three card rummy. You can practice each of these games for free, and the casino also offers real-money versions of all of these games.

2. - Free BlackjackAnother leading online casino, this site offers free online blackjack plus practice play versions of roulette, slots and poker. Their flash version of blackjack loads within seconds, making is very convenient for the busy blackjack fan. Getting a natural blackjack pays 3:2, while the dealer must draw to 16 and is required to stand on all 17s.

3. Blackjack Ballroom - If you're looking for blackjack online game free, then Blackjack Ballroom is the place for you. Their version of Classic Blackjack is played with a single deck, but it's shuffled after each hand. When it comes to free blackjack online, Blackjack Ballroom also offers Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack and Multihand Blackjack.

4. Blackjack Club - At their flash casino, you can get your free online blackjack fix. You can enjoy regular blackjack or even progressive blackjack. Besides blackjack, this casino also offers such games as 3D horse racing, slots and video poker.

5. Miss Dila's Blackjack - Not an actual online casino, but it's a lot of fun anyway. Play free online blackjack against a pink-haired animated dealer. If you end up winning, you can even get a virtual check. Sure, the check isn't worth anything, but it's a fun way to pass the time and hone your skills.

Free Online Blackjack Tips

Free Online Blackjack TipsWhile you're enjoying your blackjack online game free, you might also want to keep in mind some of these free online blackjack tips. Not only will they improve your chances of winning, but they'll also make you feel like a real high roller.

1. Don't forget to "double down." This move involves doubling your bet and only receiving one additional card. If you have a total of 10, you might want to consider this option, especially if the dealer has a nine or lower.

2. When enjoying free online blackjack, don't forget to look for rules which work to your advantage (especially if you're considering playing for real money later). Such rules might include the dealer standing on a soft 17 or the ability to double down on any two cards.

3. Know the rules. Blackjack, For Free, OnlineAll the free online blackjack tips in the world won't help if you don't know the rules. For example, the dealer must hit on any hand of 16 or lower, so you'll never win with less than 17 unless the dealer busts. Keep this free online blackjack tip in mind, and hit on any hand where you have less than 17 and the dealer shows a King through eight.

4. If you get two cards of the same value, you may split them into two hands and double your bet. Each new hand then gets another card, and you can play them as normal. Conventional wisdom says to always split aces and never split 10s, 5s or face cards. This is a very important tip to remember when playing blackjack online game free.

5. When playing for real money, remember to tip the dealer.Free Online Blackjack GamesThis is also known as a "toke." This won't matter when playing free blackjack online, but real-life dealers sure appreciate any extra money. You can also place their tip as a side bet. While it won't help your chances, you can at least rest easy knowing the dealer is pulling for you.

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!