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Blackjack Related Games

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A Guide to Card Games Similar to and Related to the Game of 21

Blackjack is one of several card games that can be considered "comparing" card games. These games determine who wins or loses by comparing cards and/or combinations of cards from opponents' hands. Different comparing card games have different criteria for determining the strength of the hand, and sometimes these criteria can be significantly different. Poker and blackjack both use a comparison method of determining who wins, but the strengths of the hands are determined in completely different ways.

This section of our website is a complete guide to card games which are related to blackjack. Some of these games actually predate the current game of 21 and can be considered ancestors of the game, while others are variants of blackjack which are popular in different locations. All of the games in this section use a comparison methodology for determining who wins and loses. The blackjack-related games in this section include:

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Popular historical French card game. While no longer played, it's certainly a precursor of modern blackjack.

Frequently played British card game very similar to blackjack.

Spanish 21
A fast playing variant of modern blackjack. Uses a deck with all the 10's removed.

An early version of blackjack with a small dealer edge.

An Italian card game similar to blackjack.

Chinese Blackjack
An exotic version of blackjack with cool names for hands like "Ban-Ban" and "Ban-Nag".

A popular French game similar to 21 which is still played in casinos in France.

Triple Shot
A casino card game similar to Tripoley, which incorporates Casino War, blackjack, and poker into one game.

Ties Win
A blackjack variation where ties with the dealer result in a win for the player.

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