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Secret Blackjack Secrets That Should Remain Secret Blackjack Tricks

I've spent a lot of time on the Internet over the last 5 years. One thing I never tire of seeing online is nonsense, especially unbelievable nonsense. And when it comes to gambling subjects, nonsense is even more plentiful online than with other subjects.

Honestly, most of what you'll find in any kind of search for gambling strategy related information is poorly written, poorly thought out, and flat-out incorrect information about how to play. What's remarkable about this phony gambling strategy information is the level of enthusiasm with which it's promoted.

Most of these bogus gambling system/gambling strategy salesmen share a theme. This theme is that the author of the gambling system that's being sold is in on some kind of inside information that isn't available to the general public. If it's a site about slot machines, then the author of the book is a slot machine technician. If it's a site about roulette, then the author of the book is a former roulette dealer. And if it's about blackjack, then the author of the book is either a former blackjack dealer or a card counter.

Secret Blackjack Sales Pitches

Here's how some of their pitches look:

How To Make a Killing Playing Blackjack with our Secret Blackjack System

Our Blackjack Secrets will enable you to leave the table with several hundred dollars in winnings every time you play

I've spent years developing my brand new "Blackjack Secrets" system, where you double your bets at appropriate times in order to guarantee that you leave the blackjack table a winner. A knowledgeable blackjack player (one who has studied my "blackjack secrets") is one of the only gamblers in the casino who can gain an edge over the house with skilled play.

And what's more...

My blackjack secrets are so effective that you can be a guaranteed blackjack winner without counting cards!

The first step to learning my secret blackjack strategy is memorizing basic blackjack strategy. When you learn basic strategy, you'll know when to stand, when to hit, when to double down, and when to split. You'll even know when to surrender.

The second step to learning my secret blackjack strategy is to learn an effective money management system. You can learn basic strategy almost anywhere, but my secret blackjack money management system is the key to being a guaranteed blackjack winner every time you play!

Blackjack Secret Testimonials

The sales page will also include several testimonials from people you've never heard of. These people will invariably be thrilled with their new blackjack secret knowledge. But you won't be able to find or contact these people to verify their experience with the product, ever.

These testimonials for these "blackjack secrets" products usually look something like this:

"The blackjack secrets revealed in Mort X's system make up the most powerful winning strategies for blackjack in the business. Mort's sure-fire blackjack tips and techniques have helped me win an average of $400 every time I visit the casino to play blackjack."

John Keene, Omaha, Nebraska

Here's another example of what you might see:

"Mort X's secret blackjack strategy is the best secret weapon a gambler could have in his arsenal. I have never lost a blackjack session since I started using his secret blackjack system. Anyone foolish enough to not try his system deserves to lose at blackjack!"

Sally Castle, Arlington, Texas

And my favorite testimonials are the ones with the most outlandish claims, like this one:

"The blackjack dealer was getting pissed that I was winning EVERY HAND!"

Richard Graham, The Phillipines

But after you've read all of the hype and the nonsense and the testimonials, you'll find nothing but more hype, nonsense, and claims. You won't find any verifiable evidence that these blackjack secrets and secret blackjack strategies actually work. No computer research, no scientific explanations of WHY these blackjack betting systems work, and in fact, no real information about the "blackjack secrets" at all.

When you do see statistics, they'll be equally unbelievable:

  • I win at least $2000 playing blackjack every time I visit Vegas.

  • I win at least $400 playing blackjack every time I visit the riverboat.

  • I win between $100 and $300 playing blackjack every weekend in Reno.

  • I win between $500 and $1000 playing blackjack in Biloxi.

The reason for the vagueness is simple. The owners of these sites want you to send them $39 for this life-changing information. If they gave you specifics instead of empty promises, you would never shell over $39 for their product.

But you will get lots of promises like these:

  • Six blackjack strategy secrets that we guarantee you've never seen anywhere before.

  • The number one most overlooked blackjack secret tip that almost no one uses.

  • Three secret blackjack tips that will help you win immediately the next time you visit the casino.

  • Two more blackjack secrets that will leave the casinos reeling. They won't know what hit them!

  • A dozen ways to win at blackjack that don't involve counting cards at all.

  • 13 other secret gambling systems for other games, each of which is a $99 value, absolutely free with the purchase of our unbelievable blackjack secrets package.

Secret Blackjack Secrets are the Key To Winning at Blackjack!

With any luck, the contempt that I hold for these "blackjack secrets" salesmen is obvious in the above post, which drips with irony. Please don't spend your money on such an obvious scam. There are no blackjack secrets. You can find legitimate blackjack strategy information at any number of legitimate websites for free, and there are several real blackjack books available for far less than the $39 you'd pay for some "blackjack secrets" ebook that MIGHT have all of 40 pages in it.

If you want to read a real book about blackjack which reveals real blackjack secrets, consider Beat The Dealer instead.

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