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Blackjack Game Variations

If you've played blackjack and are looking for other similar game variations or interesting blackjack side bets, you might find the following blackjack games fascinating. Most of these games are based on blackjack, but with slight game variations, to add a new spice to your game.

Over / Under 13

In Over/Under 13, a popular blackjack game variation, which is becoming more popular in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, there is a new side bet added to the game that each player has the option of betting on. As the player, you have the option of betting whether your first two cards will total over 14 or under 13. Aces always will count as one and the casino wins on a 13. The payout of the bet is 1:1, even money.

Red / Black

Red/Black is side bet variation of blackjack in which you are betting on the dealers' upcard being either red or black by placing your bets on the appropriate R or B circle. In this game, the dealer wins the bet automatically if his upcard is a 2. The payout for this bet is always 1:1.

Blackjack Switch

In Blackjack Switch, each player plays two seperate hands, each with an identical bet. As the player, you are allowed the option of switching the second cards around if you'd like. To make up for this power feature, the dealer will push players' hands when the dealer has a total of 22.

Royal Match

Royal Match is another side bet variation where the player is allowed to bet that their first two cards are in the same suit. The payout on the initial bet is 3:1. If the player receives both the King and Queen of the same suit, it's called a Royal Match and the payout on the bet is 10:1.

Double Exposure

In Double Exposure, an unusual twist of blackjack games, both of the dealers' cards are dealt face up, which is a huge advantage for the player. In this game, the dealer wins on a tie and there are no blackjack bonuses to compensate for the player advantage. The strategies and game play of this blackjack variation game are quite different than standard blackjack.

Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a blackjack game that has been around for several years and has been becoming increasingly popular. In this game there is always either six or eight decks used. A player showing 21 always wins and a player showing blackjack always wins. Each player has the option of hitting, double splitting Aces, surrendering after doubling, and doubling any number of cards they want. The bonuses in this game include 678 bet pays 3:2, bet pays 2:1 if suited, bet pays 3:1 if suited in Spades, and 777 against a dealer 7 pays $1,000. In this game, all of the tens are removed from the decks, which hurts the player. Once again a different blackjack strategy is used for this game.

Bust Out

Bust Out is another blackjack side bet variation that is similar to insurance. After the dealer has revealed his or her hole card and his hand is unfinished, the bet will be available if the dealer has a stiff hand (a hand in which the dealer must hit, but will bust if he hits a 10 value card). If the dealer then draws a 10, the bet is paid out 2:1. Bust Out is an easy clean for card counters and you won't find it in many casinos these days.

21 Madness

21 Madness is another new side bet bonus option you might see in some casinos. The player has the option to bet a $1 side bet. If the player receives a blackjack and the dealer does not, the player is awarded a bonus of $5 to $1,000, which is decided by chance.

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