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This section of the site presents articles and tips about how to play blackjack. We eventually hope to include at least 100+ strategy articles for blackjack players of all experience levels, and when we do, we'll have the articles organized by category.

Free Online Blackjack - Where to find free blackjack games to play online, and free online blackjack tips for online players and traditional blackjack players.

Card Counting in Blackjack - Looks at counting cards in blackjack and dispels myths about card counting. Also provides a nice basic introduction to the subject of blackjack counting, aimed at the complete novice.

Blackjack Sites Ordered By Traffic
Ever wonder how much traffic different online blackjack information sites get? We take a look at two different services' estimates of blackjack sites and traffic here.

Club USA Casino
A look at what kind of casino games are available when you download Club USA Casino, and also what kind of bonus offers are available at Club USA Casino.

Card Counting Programs
A look at what kind of card counting software and card counting programs are available, who designs them and uses them, and where you can find the perfect card counting program.

Beat The Dealer Blackjack Book Review
A review of the blackjack classic by Edward O. Thorp. Should you read Beat The Dealer?

6-5 Blackjack
Why the game sucks, how it affects the house edge, and how the casinos trick people into playing this awful game.

The Kelly Criterion
Outlines a bankroll management plan with a firm foundation in probability and game theory. Also covers the Half-Kelly Criterion method of betting.

Traits of Winning Blackjack Players
5 characteristics of winners at blackjack. Develop these traits in yourself and you can beat blackjack too.

Blackjack (along with video poker) is one of 2 casino games that we know for a fact can be beaten through the proper application of math and strategy. There are lots of strategies for winning blackjack play, most of which have been determined using computer analysis of the math of the game. Almost all other casino games are rigged so that the casino has an unbeatable long-term advantage, and this includes roulette, keno, slots, baccarat, casino war, and almost any other casino game you can mention. The only way to win at one of those games (long-term) is to get lucky once, quit, and never play that game again. Otherwise, the longer you play, the more the house advantage at those games will eat away at your bankroll.

Blackjack Strategy ArticlesBasic strategy was the result of three years worth of hard work behind several calculators in 1953. Roger Baldwin, Wilbert Cantey, Herbert Maisel, and James McDermott developed a basic strategy that was first published in the 1956 issue of The Journal of the American Statistical Association. Later Professor Edward O. Thorp published a book titled Beat the Dealer, which explained why blackjack is beatable: the deck of cards has a memory, and each card played has an effect on the probabilities and odds of certain outcomes later in the game. By tracking when the deck is rich in cards favorable to the player. a card counter can raise his bets accordingly, and increase his overall expectation against the house.

Learning your own blackjack weaknesses can save you a lot of money over the long run. In order to determine your blackjack weakness first you must analyze your approach and techniques to the game.

Another helpful way to improve your game play is by learning new blackjack skills. This process involves the review and re-learning of existing skills for experienced players and the step by step understanding of blackjack basics for the novices.

Card counting in the one sure way to get an edge over the house in blackjack. Professional blackjack player Ryan Board tells us about his experience as card counter in our Ryan Board Interview.

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