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Blackjack Strategy Cards

How and When to Use a Strategy Card

If you're having trouble memorizing the charts from blackjack basic strategy, you might consider buying a blackjack strategy card. Blackjack strategy cards are small laminated cards, usually credit card sized, that contain the basic strategy charts. Most casinos will allow you to keep these cards with you for reference at the tables while playing. These cards can be extremely handy when you're first trying to learn and memorize basic strategy.

Why to Use a Blackjack Strategy Card

  • Helps Memorize Strategy Chart
  • Helps Understand Strategy Charts
  • Helps Make Quick and Correct Mathematical Decisions
  • Usually Allowed to Use at Table

Where to Buy a Blackjack Strategy Card

There are several different ways of getting your own blackjack strategy card. If you are interested in buying a strategy card, you can either purchase them online or in most casino gift shops. The retail price is usually $5.95 - $10.95. We will soon be selling our own set of blackjack strategy cards designed for our visitors.

What Does a Blackjack Strategy Card Look Like?

The following picture below is an image of a blackjack strategy card.

Blackjack Strategy Cards

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