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Quinze Card Game

How to Play Quinze

Quinze was a gambling card game similar to blackjack that became quite popular in France in the early 1800's. In this game, each player was trying to achieve a total of 15 points, as opposed to 21 points in standard blackjack.

It was actually the game of Quinze that helped the famous English casino Crockford's flourish around 1820 to 1840. You would often find Dukes, Princes, Marquees, and Prime Ministers cluttering around Quinze tables in casinos. They would often wear masks when playing Quinze, to conceal both their identity and their emotions.

Eventually the game of Quinze slowly disappeared when other popular variations of modern day blackjack, such as the French game of Vingt-et-un, were invented. To my knowledge, no casinos still offer the game of Quinze so you will probably never come across this early blackjack variation.

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