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One And Thirty Card Game

How to Play One-And-Thirty

How One-And-Thirty is Related to Blackjack

One-and-Thirty is an older card game which is often viewed as a predecessor to blackjack due to several similar rules and game play. In this game, you are trying to get a combination of cards as close to a total of 31 as possible, without busting (going over 31). The game can be played with up to 7 or 8 players and only requires a standard deck of cards to play.

This card game cannot be found in casinos. It's not a casino table game. It is just an early version of blackjack that can be easily played in home games for money or just for fun.

How to Deal One-and-Thirty

To begin play, each player is dealt 3 cards face down, from the top of the deck. The dealer goes around to each player, starting with the eldest and ending with himself, and asks each player if they would like to "stick" or "have it".

If a player chooses to "stick", he gets no additional cards. "Sticking" is similar to standing on a hand in blackjack. If a player chooses to "have it", they are dealt another card off the top of the deck. A player can continue to "have it" until they either bust by reaching a total greater than 31 or decide to "stick". "Having it" is similar to the blackjack action of hitting, when you wish to receive an additional card.

The dealer holds only a very slight advantage in One-and-Thirty. The advantage is that if all players manage to bust before the dealer gets to himself, he automatically wins. The dealer is usually chosen by each player lifting a card from the deck and the lowest card is awarded to be the dealer.

How to Score One-and-Thirty

In One-and-Thirty, numbered cards are worth their face value, coat cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are all worth 10, and Aces are only worth 1. The value of the Ace is not interchangeable, as in blackjack, the value always remains 1.

Players all agree to a certain stake before playing. If all players agreed to $1 a hand, every player would place a $1 bet into the pot before the hand is dealt.

If each player has busted over 31 before the dealer gets to himself, the dealer wins. The first player to reach 31 exactly wins immediately and a new hand is started. If no players reach exactly 31, the player closest to 31 at the end of the deal wins the hand. There is only one winner in each hand of One-and-Thirty. All players are truly playing against each other, as opposed to playing against the dealer as in blackjack.

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