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Trente Et Quarante

How to Play Trente-et-Quarante

Trente-et-Quarante is a popular card game that is heavily played in France but can also be found in other parts of Europe. The name Trente-et-Quarante means thirty and forty.

How to Play Trente-et-Quarante

In this game, a croupier deals out two separate rows of cards (red and black), sequentially. Players have the option of betting on either colored row, red or black, to win. In Trente-et-Quarante, cards are counted face value. All face cards are counted as 10, just as they are in blackjack. After each row totals greater than 30, the hand is settled.

Whichever row comes closest to 31 wins even money. During a tie at 31, the house (casino) takes half of every bet. The house advantage in this game is found in the tie situations.

In addition to betting on rows, players can also place bets on either "color" or "inverse". The "color" wager is a type of bet that the first card of the row that wins will be the same color as the winning row. The "inverse" wager is the opposite of the "color" wager. It is a bet that first card of the winning row will be the opposite color of the winning row.

Similar to blackjack, there is also an insurance wager that can be made. This wager can be made at 1% of the total bet and it cancels the half-loss during the event of a tie at 31.

Insurance in this game is recommended.

Trente-et-Quarante House Advantage

In Trente-et-Quarante, the house advantage is very mere at around 1% on all wagers. This is one of the lowest house edges that can be seen in most casino table games. There is no difference in the casino advantage on the different types of bets offered in this game. By taking insurance you can slightly reduce the overall house edge so insurance in generally recommended.

The strategy of card counting can be used to a certain extent in this game but it usually isn't very effective in swaying the house edge. There is no counting system that can overcome the house advantage for red and black bets. These bets are almost completely symmetrical which hurts card counting.

Professor Edward O. Thorp examined the possibility of beating color and inverse bets but through detailed computer analysis he proved that even with a computer these bets couldn't be beaten in any practical way.


If you are ever in a European casino and come across Trente-et-Quarante, it is an excellent and enjoyable table game that offers very good value for the slight edge that it carries. We highly recommend this casino card game as it is a great overall value compared to other table games.

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