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Ties Win Blackjack

This variation on blackjack is available for online play. The primary difference between this game and standard blackjack is that ties pay out 1:2. In normal blackjack, ties are considered a push and don't pay out at all.

The value of cards is the same as in regular blackjack. An ace is worth 11 points, or 1 point if the 11 would cause the player to bust. Face cards and tens are worth 10 points. Cards ranging from 9 down to 2 are worth their face value. The game uses anywhere from 1 to 8 standard 52-card decks, but online versions may use an infinite number of decks.

The game begins with the player making a wager. Some tables may have a minimum or maximum limit, so be sure and check before you begin play. Once all players have made their wager, the game begins.

Just like in standard blackjack, the players all receive two cards face up. The dealer receives one up card and one card face down (the hole card). Once all players have received their cards, play begins with the first person to the dealer's left.

This person has two options - hit or stand. Standard blackjack also allows a player to split or double down, but Ties Win Blackjack limit's the player to two choices.

If the player chooses to hit, he will receive an additional card. Like standard blackjack, the player's goal is to get a higher hand than the dealer without going over 21.

If the player chooses to stand, the dealer will then move to the next player. After all players have finished playing their hand, then the dealer will reveal his down card and finish playing out his hand. In most cases, the dealer will hit on a soft 17 (that's a 17 that includes an ace).

If a player gets a blackjack, they will be paid out at even money. They are also paid out even money if they finish with a superior hand to the dealer. If the player ties the dealer, he or she will be paid out at 1:2. In case you're wondering, a player will get a tie about 8.75% of the time. If both the dealer and player get a blackjack, it is considered a push.

If one deck is used, with the dealer hitting on a soft 17, then the house edge is 0.247%.

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USA Players Accepted US Players and Credit Card, BitCoin Deposits Accepted!